Friday, February 3, 2012, I am nesting and John is out of town 'Daddy-mooning' with his buds.  I got the itch to put up Baby T's crib.  Yes, it was harder than anticipated crawling around, up and down off the floor with a belly. But, overall an easy install.

Here it is!  Don't worry...crib skirt is ordered, just not here yet.  Curtains too. The yellow fabric draped over end is the changing table cover, same fabric as crib skirt will be!

AND, after MUCH research and bargaining, we settled on a stroller.  The Valco Baby Tri-Mode in raven.  SUPER reviews, can be used for jogging, in the park, in the mall.  I'm happy to say it's ordered and I was able to get $102 off from talking to an online representative through!   Free shipping and no sales tax are added bonuses. 

What a beauty...

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  1. yes!!!! it's getting VERY real now! :) Can't wait to meet my nephew