Saturday, April 28, 2012

First Bath

We were so excited to be able to bathe Blake for the first time tonight.  A real honest, submerged bath!  Enough of those sponge baths...

Sofar, Blake is NOT a fan.

After peeing in his tub as soon as he got in, he screamed...the entire time.

Still crying.

With mom, still not happy...

the unhappiness continues.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Plans

So I was thinking about where this blog will go now that Blake is here.  I want to continue updating as much as I have time for, I think with having our family out of town it will be a good way to stay connected.  There will be lots of pictures!  I plan to take more time with decent photos.  Most that have been posted were taken on my iPhone.  

I have some significant posts I want to get up in the next few weeks, once my school semester is over.  These posts include:

  • Our Birth Story
  • Our Breastfeeding Journey
  • Our First Moments (2 weeks) of Parenthood
  • My Emotional Postpartum Rollercoaster

I am still hormonal and can cry at a moments notice.  When discussing daycare with my neighbor, I cried.  When enjoying a moment with my husband, I cried.  When our pediatrician talked with us about maintaining an 'us' I got teary eyed.  At least the night sweats are gone!    

It's the most amazing feeling in the world to love something, someone so much.  I feel like my heart just can't take all this love in at once.  I cry out of pure and utter happiness, pure and utter disbelief that John and I have created this perfect little human that we are completely responsible for.  I can't wait to give him our best...I am completely in love with my son.  I can't wait to provide for him what my parents were able to provide me.      

This is Blake's 'Milk Drunk' look

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Newborn Photos.

Our baby supermodel photos. are up on the Oldfields Photography blog.

Here is the link directly to little Blake man.

We are going to have difficulty deciding on what to use for announcements and to hang in the house...they are all adorable!  Megan did an amazing job!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

1 Week New!

I have loads of pictures to organize and LOTS to write...when I get the time

For now, here is a photo. taken from my iPhone

In "Mom World" - breastfeeding is going well...we still have our challenging days, but overall, going well.  It's been an amazing fix to the postpartum body.  Weigh gain through pregnancy was 15lb., at 7-days postpartum I am down 20lb., so currently 5lb. below pre-pregnancy weight!  Nothing like burning 500 calories a day by feeding your child!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Week.

It's already been a week since I went into labor. Wow. Time did not go by this quickly when I was waiting for Blake to arrive!

Pediatrician visit this morning a HUGE success.  Here is our weight breakdown sofar, exclusively breastfeeding, no pumping or supplements.  This makes me relieved...we're doing just fine :-)

  • Birth Weight = 6lb., 14oz.
  • 24-hour Weight = 6lb., 10oz.
  • Discharge Weight = 6lb., 12oz.
  • 3-day Weight = 6lb., 7oz.
  • 6-day Weight = 7lb., 1oz.

We are going to venture out to Target today, I have cabin fever!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneak Peek!

We had Blake's newborn photos. taken at the house today by Megan of Oldfields Photography.  All pictures will be available to us next week.

For now, here is the sneak peek we were given...

I snagged a pic. in the process and used Instagram to make it cool...Blake was such a good boy during his photo shoot!  

First 5 Days!

So little Blake man is 5 days old's flown by sofar.  Mainly due to the sheer amount of newness we are all dealing with.  We're learning from each other, day by day.  Being a mom is the most wonderful thing ever!

Our first night home was nothing short of a nightmare...we were quite worried what we had gotten ourselves into.  Blake woke up at 11:50pm crying and continued to cry until after 4:00am.  I ended up pacing and bouncing him throughout our first floor until he eventually tired himself out, we then shared the couch, Blake in his Boppy, me on the edge of the couch.  We determined that he was having gas and stomach issues.  Gas drops and "Gripe Water" have been our saving grace.  Last night Blake slept in his own room in his crib.  He woke up every 3 hours to feed, so we were able to get some decent sleep.  It's made us all a little happier today :-)

Blake had his first pediatrician appointment on Monday, April 16, 2012.  He weighed in at 6lb., 7oz.  Down just 6% from his birth weight.  Breastfeeding is an ongoing learning process, for Blake and myself.  Definitely getting easier day by day.  Next weight check is tomorrow.  Let's pray for at least a 2 oz. weight gain.

At first pediatrician visit

I will post our birth story soon...for now, we're off to eat, sleep and change diapers!   Oh yeah, I have a TON of school work to catch up on also :-) 

Wearing his first 'real' clothes...we don't have many that currently fit because Blake is teeny tiny!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby T Arrived!

Blake William Thompson
Born 4/13/2012 at 3:01am
6lb., 14oz., 20.5 inches long
23.5 hours of labor, 3 of which were pushing

The cutest little man EVER!
We're IN LOVE!

First family photo.

Exhausted, yet wide awake after meeting our little man

The best moment in my life this far...I've never felt so much love.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

today is the day

Baby T is on the way.  We've been up since 3am when labor started.  Arrived at OB office at 9am for check, advised to go straight across street to hospital.  Admitted around 9:45am.

Here is our last bump pic., taken at 5am before leaving for hospital!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

...My rant...


I've reached the point where I'm so sick and tired of everyone asking "Where is he?" and telling me I look like I'm going to pop. OVER.IT. It's obvious where he is, look at my belly!

Remember our original due date is April 15th. That's nearly 5 days away still...

Baby T is on his own schedule. So, when I arrive at work for an 8-hour shift, please don't say to me "Oh, you haven't had that baby yet?"  Seriously???  Does it look like it?!

I mean, it's not like he'll stay in there forever.

Monday, April 9, 2012

40 Weeks

Per our OB's change in due date way back at our first ultrasound, today is Baby T's due date.  However, based on my own ovulation charting, I have estimated April 15, 2012 as a more correct date.  Anyways, we're hoping Baby T decides to enter the world sometime this week.  He's fully cooked now!

Here's the bump...not much change with my weight gain remaining at 15lb.

Yes, we are at zero now.  Hadn't thought about negative numbers...

AND, our crib skirt and curtains arrived today.  Thank goodness we can complete the nursery tonight so it's ALL set before Baby T arrives.  I will post completed pics. once it's done!  I'm so happy with how it's coming together!!!

Poms were made by Auntie Alison and Grandma Nichols!

AND, I bought a too short curtain rod, will eventually change it out, but I had to see the curtains up!!!