Monday, November 14, 2011

19 Weeks!

We have a Mango!  Baby is now around 6 inches in length and weighing in around 8.5 ounces.  Which means, just a week before we are at the HALFWAY point, whew!  It's amazing to think of this awesome developing little person we have...our little one can now hear, smile/frown, hiccup and even has fingerprints and LOVES to move around in there!

I feel like "me" again!   Morning sickness virtually gone so I can now indulge in my daily cup of coffee!  I only get sick now when I eat too much.  I definitely can't eat like I used to, meals are much smaller.  The dreaded heartburn has kicked in in full gear. Tums are my new best friend.   My craving continues to be spicy Mexican food and pizza.  Weight gain: 2lb.

3 weeks to go until we know if there is a girl or boy in there :-)  It's VERY weird to think of that little one being our daughter or son!  

We've slowly been working on registries, which has been overwhelming since I have absolutely no idea on everything we'll need. seemed to work the best for us since we can add items from any store to it!  Here is a I missing anything? Registry  and buybuy Baby Registry

I am sooo grateful for my best friend and sister who have graciously started planning a baby shower for Baby T!  We're planning for February or March in Culpeper, VA.  Plan accordingly, would LOVE to see ya'll there :-) 

19 week bump photo

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