Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Weeks New!

Some milestones:
  • a 5-hour and 3.5-hour stretch of sleep on 2 different nights
Blake in his crib.  
No swaddle for this guy...he sprawls out to sleep!
  • 4-week well check:  
  • Here are his newest stats: 
    • Weight: 8lb., 14oz. (birth weight 6lb., 14oz.) 45th-percentile
    • Length: 21.13 inches (birth length 20.5 inches) 45th-percentile
Squirming on the table
  • Adding pumping to our very well-established breastfeeding so dad can help ease some middle of the night feeds, also a transition for when I return to work (boo). 
  • Our long-awaited stroller has arrived!

Here is Blake testing it out...

A great look at his personality...he has the cutest expressions! 

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