Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy FIRST Father's Day

Today is John's first Father's Day as a daddy...This post goes out to you babe!

The last 9 weeks have been a roller coaster for us all...we've learned more about each other while attempting this parenting thing.  John is a great dad, together we make a great team, especially when Blake is screaming continuously.  We were the lucky recipients of an extremely high-maintenance baby.  We love him nonetheless, we are just more tired than most!

John, no one said being a parent was going to be easy.  I feel that there is so much we've been through, in such a short amount of time, that nothing can prepare you for.  As hard as it is right now, I hear it gets better.  We can look back at this post and smile once Blake is able to take daytime naps, sleep through the night, and tell us what he wants and needs.  Being a parent is proving to us both that there is no deeper love.  Blake is the luckiest little boy to have you as his daddy.  I can't wait to watch him grow, with you as his hero.  You and your little protege have many memories to make and I am so excited to be able to watch and document them.  Together we've created the most gorgeous little human.  You two are my world and I can't imagine my life any other way.  Thank you for being the most amazing husband and father.  I Love You!

Blake and I wanted this to be a special fathers day for John.  We jumped into a small project, which involved a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics, some wood letters and spray paint, Blake in a good mood, some good lighting and photography.  Here is the completed project...

John's first Father's Day card

Here are some more father and son shots.

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