Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blog Plans

So I was thinking about where this blog will go now that Blake is here.  I want to continue updating as much as I have time for, I think with having our family out of town it will be a good way to stay connected.  There will be lots of pictures!  I plan to take more time with decent photos.  Most that have been posted were taken on my iPhone.  

I have some significant posts I want to get up in the next few weeks, once my school semester is over.  These posts include:

  • Our Birth Story
  • Our Breastfeeding Journey
  • Our First Moments (2 weeks) of Parenthood
  • My Emotional Postpartum Rollercoaster

I am still hormonal and can cry at a moments notice.  When discussing daycare with my neighbor, I cried.  When enjoying a moment with my husband, I cried.  When our pediatrician talked with us about maintaining an 'us' I got teary eyed.  At least the night sweats are gone!    

It's the most amazing feeling in the world to love something, someone so much.  I feel like my heart just can't take all this love in at once.  I cry out of pure and utter happiness, pure and utter disbelief that John and I have created this perfect little human that we are completely responsible for.  I can't wait to give him our best...I am completely in love with my son.  I can't wait to provide for him what my parents were able to provide me.      

This is Blake's 'Milk Drunk' look

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