Monday, April 9, 2012

40 Weeks

Per our OB's change in due date way back at our first ultrasound, today is Baby T's due date.  However, based on my own ovulation charting, I have estimated April 15, 2012 as a more correct date.  Anyways, we're hoping Baby T decides to enter the world sometime this week.  He's fully cooked now!

Here's the bump...not much change with my weight gain remaining at 15lb.

Yes, we are at zero now.  Hadn't thought about negative numbers...

AND, our crib skirt and curtains arrived today.  Thank goodness we can complete the nursery tonight so it's ALL set before Baby T arrives.  I will post completed pics. once it's done!  I'm so happy with how it's coming together!!!

Poms were made by Auntie Alison and Grandma Nichols!

AND, I bought a too short curtain rod, will eventually change it out, but I had to see the curtains up!!!

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  1. This week pleeeeease!! I was off yesterday and today, and have to work the next two.. but then I have a four day weekend so I could hang out with the little dude, so he better hurry up!!