Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First 5 Days!

So little Blake man is 5 days old's flown by sofar.  Mainly due to the sheer amount of newness we are all dealing with.  We're learning from each other, day by day.  Being a mom is the most wonderful thing ever!

Our first night home was nothing short of a nightmare...we were quite worried what we had gotten ourselves into.  Blake woke up at 11:50pm crying and continued to cry until after 4:00am.  I ended up pacing and bouncing him throughout our first floor until he eventually tired himself out, we then shared the couch, Blake in his Boppy, me on the edge of the couch.  We determined that he was having gas and stomach issues.  Gas drops and "Gripe Water" have been our saving grace.  Last night Blake slept in his own room in his crib.  He woke up every 3 hours to feed, so we were able to get some decent sleep.  It's made us all a little happier today :-)

Blake had his first pediatrician appointment on Monday, April 16, 2012.  He weighed in at 6lb., 7oz.  Down just 6% from his birth weight.  Breastfeeding is an ongoing learning process, for Blake and myself.  Definitely getting easier day by day.  Next weight check is tomorrow.  Let's pray for at least a 2 oz. weight gain.

At first pediatrician visit

I will post our birth story soon...for now, we're off to eat, sleep and change diapers!   Oh yeah, I have a TON of school work to catch up on also :-) 

Wearing his first 'real' clothes...we don't have many that currently fit because Blake is teeny tiny!

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