Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Diapering Decision

We're going disposable!  While cloth diapering is certainly growing in popularity, we've decided to not go that route.  Our reason why: the small amount of cost savings versus the practicality for our lifestyle.  We did much research and decided that cloth diapering isn't nearly as 'green' as people want to believe.  There isn't enough cost savings involved when compared to our time.  We'd rather be able to just toss the mess and walk away instead of put it in our wash.  Also, the glorious nursing schedule of 12-hour day, night and weekend shifts does not bode well to an every-other-day laundering schedule in the Thompson household.  We thought it was ironic that cloth diaperers usually aren't 100% cloth users anyway :-)

We began our diaper stash not long after we knew we were pregnant.  I'm an avid couponer and have been watching out for deals here and there.  Sofar, we've scored our full supply of 100-ish Newborn sized diapers.  We have 120 of Size 1's, with at least 400-500 left to purchase between now and when Baby T arrives.  We're using the buying recommendations of "Baby Bargains" and pre-purchasing our first few months of diapers now to help spread out the cost and to avoid late night runs to Target!

If you have ANY spare diaper coupons, send them our way!!!

Here is our current stash (with some HUGE wipe packs that I got a STEAL on included):


  1. holy diapers!! I'm assuming you also did research on what type of disposable diaper people prefer? j/k, whatever is on sale sounds good to me!